Network Engineer Certifications

Aside from the impressive outlook for network engineers, the job is also financially rewarding. This CCT certification equips technicians with the skills to repair and replace Cisco networking devices on sites. Cisco authorizes this training online and in multiple short session formats to enable technicians to remain productive in the field. Whether you’re looking to learn specific skills or boost your entire team’s technical know-how, there’s Cisco training for you. The Cisco CCNA has been around for a very long time, and it’s widely recognized as one of the best entry-level certifications in the industry.

network engineer certifications

They create different types of load balancers and see how they can improve network performance. Finally, they will build and test a high-throughput VPN, between a simulated VPC and on-premises network environment. This will include building VPN gateways and a tunnel between the two networks. You’ll also have the opportunity to practice key job skills using Google Cloud to build networks, implement VPCs, configure network services, and implement hybrid interconnectivity among other things.

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WIT is an international non-profit organization that aims to close the gender gap and help women embrace technology. Cisco DevNet supports developers and IT individuals who want to write applications and develop integrations with Cisco products, platforms, and APIs. Led by expert instructors, group training encourages collaboration and takes your team’s productivity to the next level. This course is completely online, so there’s no need to show up to a classroom in person.

  • We help millions of organizations empower their employees, serve their customers, and build what’s next for their businesses with innovative technology created in—and for—the cloud.
  • Networking certifications tend to range from general and entry-level to highly-specific expert- and intermediate-level materials.
  • They also recommend that you have at least five years of experience in implementing and maintaining network solutions.
  • The course teaches candidates about the solutions and products available for cloud network infrastructure.
  • Valid for three years, the CompTIA Security+ is an entry-level certificate that allows you to overlap your expertise with security specialists and administrators, security consultants, and security engineers.
  • You shouldn’t get a highly specific certification and rely on it fully to propel your career forward.

If you’re getting started in IT and are still deciding which IT path to take, consider an entry-level IT certification or an introductory course such as Google’s Technical Support Fundamentals. Additionally, Bae and Wang plan to organize workshops, symposia and tutorials, as well as participate in international conferences to exchange technical expertise and enhance the project’s impact. Bae’s work focuses on integrating 2D elements into advanced 3D microelectronics. Lawrence will enhance AI-driven machine vision systems to achieve real-time adaptivity and high energy efficiency in a range of applications.

Professional Certificate – 4 course series

While some certifications may be quite expensive, there are a variety of affordable ones that are tailored to help you upscale a career in network engineering affordably. You should choose pocket-friendly certification programs to avoid the risk of quitting midway through due to financial difficulties. If you’re passionate about building a network engineering career, you must choose a certification that can best attest to your skills. Here are some tips on selecting the best network engineering certification for your profession.

Consider supplementing CompTIA Network+ and CCNA certifications with the following choices. A vendor-neutral certification, the CompTIA Network+ certification tests your understanding of networking basics regardless of the company your networking technology may come from. The Google Certified Professional (GCP) Cloud Architect certification is similar to AWS’s network certifications.

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