How to Buy Dogecoin with PayPal 2024 Step-by-Step

how to buy dogecoin with paypal

Navigate to ‘Buy Crypto’ on the user dashboard to buy DOGE tokens. You will be directed to the buy page where you have predefined packages for you to buy DOGE tokens. You can also use the form provided to customize how much you want to spend on DOGE.

Best Ways to Buy Dogecoin With PayPal

Most exchanges will allow you to store digital assets directly on the exchange itself. While this is the simplest and most straightforward way to store your crypto, it can also leave your assets exposed in cases of crashes or hacks. Major cryptocurrency exchanges FTX and FTX.US, for example, crashed and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, leaving investors without access to funds. For an additional layer of protection, you might consider using a digital wallet to store your assets. EToro is a popular online trading platform for crypto assets, stocks, and ETFs, featuring low fees and a user-friendly interface. With a free eToro wallet and social features like messaging boards, users can copy experienced traders and access numerous assets.

How to Buy Dogecoin With PayPal on a Crypto Exchange?

Besides Dogecoin, you can access other cryptocurrencies, indices, stocks, metals, and ETFs. If you’re a complete novice trader, you can sign up for the demo account so you can test the platform. Signing up is free, though you’ll need verification documents to complete registration. The exchange/broker is regulated by top-tier agencies including CySEC, FCA, and ASIC. Buying DOGE on eToro is quite straightforward and once everything is in place, you shouldn’t run into any problems. The platform is seamless and even beginners have an easy time getting around.

Enter your crypto wallet address

how to buy dogecoin with paypal

It’d be wise to stay away from platforms whose history is marred with hacks and other malpractices. Before settling down for the right trading platform for your DOGE tokens, you need to carry out a vetting process. If you don’t know where to start, you can use the following factors for your checklist. Once you have all the three things you need, buying DOGE tokens is a straightforward process. Most platforms will allow you to open an account and buy DOGE through a simple process that will probably take only a few minutes. If you would like to buy your DOGE tokens anonymously, you will need to use the eToro account without completing the verification process.

Step 2: Select Your Country is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, offering more than 230 coins and 390+ trading pairs. Interestingly, there is no minimum threshold for the trading amount, and the users have complete flexibility in this matter. CoinMama is a non-custodial platform that was launched in 2013. The brokerage firm has since grown to become one of the most popular platforms for traders across the globe.

  1. PayPal payments support four base currencies; USD, GBP, EUR, and AUD.
  2. Go to the official eToro website and press the “Start Investing” button at the center of the screen.
  3. However, you are limited by the amount of Dogecoin that you can purchase in a single transaction, and the limits vary depending on the platform you are using.
  4. Send or receive funds and track your balance wherever you go.
  5. Both seasoned veterans and novice investors can find themselves as targets.

Moreover, PayPal has expressed support for including crypto into global finances. If you want to know how to buy Dogecoin with PayPal, first you should create a PayPal account and sign up on a crypto exchange offering Doge. Afterward, all you have to do is link your PayPal to the crypto exchange account, select PayPal as a payment method, and buy Dogecoin. To buy Dogecoin on Binance using P2P trading, start by selecting “P2P Trading” from the Buy Crypto dropdown menu.

Therefore, you can use the tokens to complete transactions, and pay for goods and services, all without incurring extra charges by middlemen. The cryptocurrency is built on Luckycoin and uses the Scrypt algorithm to check the Proof of Work (PoW) extraction tool. The easiest way to purchase Dogecoin is on a centralized exchange.

The available options are bank deposits, a credit cards, a debit cards, P2P trading, and third parties like Simplex. Crypto exchanges support a bunch of payment methods like credit cards, bank transfers, and payment vouchers. Bitstamp, with its user-friendly interface and reasonable fees, offers a good start for beginners despite a limited choice of 80+ cryptocurrencies.

Typically, you get instant access to a portion of the money of your deposit for trading. If you deposited a large amount of money—typically more than $1,000—you may have to wait a few days for the transfer to clear before you can use the entire deposit. While there are viral stories of people who invested trivial amounts in DOGE but are now millionaires, invest with caution. Cryptocurrencies are very risky investments, and Dogecoin is uniquely volatile because it has an unlimited supply. Every dog has its day, and in the world of cryptocurrencies the luckiest dog today is Dogecoin (DOGE). Recently Elon Musk has replaced the Twitter logo with the official Dogecoin mascot, a Shiba Inu dog.

You can get these cards from various retail stores or online, just like buying a gift card. These cards offer a level of anonymity, as they are not linked to your actual account in a bank. Popular issuers of prepaid cards include Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Worse even, PayPal’s crypto trading service is only available to the US residents (with some exclusions though). The rest of the world is deprived of the opportunity to buy and sell Dogecoin right from their PayPal accounts. First, find a crypto trading platform that allows you to buy Doge with a card.

Enter this data exactly as it appears on your passport or national ID. Once you receive a text message with the code, enter it into the confirmation field. On the next screen, choose the PayPal account type that fits you best – either Personal or Business. Even if you’re not tech-savvy, you’ll quickly get the hang of it.

Confirm your payment by clicking the [Deposit] or a similar button. When selecting a payment method for buying Dogecoin, you will need to explore the benefits of each one to find what works best for you. PayPal is a competitive payment processor because most transactions are processed instantly, and it doesn’t charge any additional payment processing fees. PayPal has been successful in establishing itself as a trusted money transfer service; hence users can rely upon this platform for the safe purchasing of Dogecoin.

You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Once you have created an account, navigate to the deposit page and choose PayPal as a payment method. You may face deposit limitations regarding the accepted fiat currencies or the deposit size per transaction.

Only a handful of vetted exchanges supply an option for purchasing Doge with Dollars or Euros. Alternatively, you could use a multi-currency wallet such as Exodus or Coinomi. Here is my complete Exodus review and you can read my complete Coinomi review here. No, because how are capital positive aspects taxed you need to be at least 18 years of age to create a PayPal account and use the platform’s services. Our top recommendations for buying Dogecoin with PayPal are eToro and Coinbase. The specific platform you select should depend on your specific requirements.

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